Warning: This hasn’t been touched since 2008 and is abandonware!

Update: Somebody told me that dh_make can use CDBS nowadays, so you might be better of using it instead.

Quickpackage is a Ruby script used to easily create Debian packages from autotooled software. It’s really good for testing new applications. Sssch! Show, don’t tell.

foobar-1.0 % quickpackage
Please verify that Quickpackage detected the correct name and version.

* Name [foobar]:
* Version [1.0]:
* Description [...]: Puts the foo in the bar

Quickpackage will now create the `debian' directory.

Done! Thank you for using Quickpackage.
You can now build the package using `dpkg-buildpackage'

Source Code

You can grab Quickpackage from its SVN repository.


I don’t keep the pre-built package around anymore, but you can build one yourself:

cd /tmp
svn co http://code.qerub.se/svn/misc/quickpackage/trunk quickpackage
cd quickpackage 
fakeroot dpkg-buildpackage
sudo dpkg -i ../quickpackage*.deb